Complaint Resolution Process

The University and the University Health Center staff are committed to pursuing appropriate resolution of complaints. We support students in their right to file a complaint for legitimate grievances and will not retaliate in any way against a student filing a complaint. For more details see the Student Handbook and the University Complaint Resolution procedure.


There are also complaint resolution procedures specific to the University Health Center.

  1. If a student believes his/her privacy rights have been violated, or the student has a conflict with the UHC office and/or a particular UHC staff person, the student may file a complaint with Health Center Director, Zelda Chacon, at (361) 825-2601.  Resolution of the issue may be reached at this level. If satisfactory resolution is not reached at this level, or if circumstances are such that a complaint cannot be discussed with the Director, the student should contact the Dean of Students or the Vice-President for Student Engagement and Success to explore options for resolution.
  2. When a student is substantially limited in performing a major life activity due to a mental illness, the student may be protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. If a student believes his/her rights have been violated under the ADA or Section 504, s/he may file a complaint with Mr. Sam Ramirez, ADA Compliance Officer and Director of Equal Opportunity and Employee Relations at (361) 825-5826 or with the Office for Civil Rights
  3. UHC professional staff comply with the laws of Texas governing health service delivery and the regulations of the professional licensing board to which they are professionally accountable. If a student would like to file a formal complaint, s/he may do so, in writing, with the appropriate licensing board.


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