Clinical Services


How the health center works:

The Health Center offers services on a walk-in basis.  Appointments are generally reserved for nurse-only visits (for example:  tb tests, urine drug screens, std testing, and pre-ordered labwork).

The walk-in clinic is utilized for medical issues that are acute in onset.  Patients will be seen in order of arrival and wait times will vary.  Patients may be seen out of order based on acuity level.  Patients will be assessed by a nurse - if determined the patient needs further care, they will be referred to a provider either within the clinic or in the community.  Depending on the patient's presenting problem, the nurse assists the patient to utilize all available resources to most effectively get the care they need.  This process may include:  teaching self-care measures, providing care and treatment based on standing orders, referral to a campus medical provider, consultation with their primary care provider, or making arrangements for further care as needed.

The triage process is focused on the patient's presenting problem and the type of care needed to help solve the problem.  Health Center services primarily focus on providing acute care to the patients in need, and in helping them to develop relationships with their primary care providers for their chronic healthcare needs.  Some patients have multiple chronic medical problems that are best managed by their primary care physicians for continuity of care with our services facilitating and assisting the patient to effectively utilize available resources.