Serving Distance Education Students

This webpage is dedicated to identifying services the University Health Center can offer to Distance Education (DE) Students.   Services offered to DE students are limited due to the need for students to be physically present on campus to receive some Health Center services (i.e., medical services such as immunizations, physicals, provider visits, women’s services; specialized on-campus clinics for flu, TB, STD; pharmacy services; and training experiences).  Students at a distance who are able to travel to campus for appointments may use medical services, pharmacy services, and participate in specialized clinics if they pay the Health Services fee for the semester in which they are seeking services.         


Services available to Distance Education Students

Name of Service:  Ask-a-Nurse Line

Nurse Line services are available to all students, including students at a distance, who have paid the Health Services fee for the semester in which they are seeking services.   Nurse Line services can provide advice on how to care for an illness or injury and guidance on when to seek help from a healthcare provider.  Students access Ask-a-Nurse line services by calling the main phone number of the University Health Center (UHC).  During normal business hours, students should ask to be connected with the Ask-a-Nurse line.  Outside of normal business hours, students should follow the prompts to be connected to an after-hours nurse.  This service is free.


Name of Service:  Referrals to Medical Providers and Resources

A Provider Finder database is available to assist Distance Education students in finding a medical provider in the State of Texas.   The Provider Finder database is on the Texas A&M University Student Health Insurance plan website at .


Name of Service:  TAMU Student Health Insurance

Texas A&M Student Health Insurance is available to all students, including distance education students.  Details about TAMU-CC enrollment and benefits can be found at


Name of ServiceStudent Health 101

Student Health 101 is an online monthly magazine with articles on a variety of college health issues related to stress, relationships, nutrition, and general health.  It also contains specific information about Health Center and Counseling Center services.   The link to the online magazine is sent out to all students, including students at a distance, every month when a new issue is distributed.